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Guys 'look' in the locker room. especially straight guys

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hey, sam. not really talking bout here cause let's face it, once you been in video chat it's the same people over and over again. and like a child with a new toy, the child loses interest after a while. kind of talking bout locker room type settings. i did ok a month ago when i had my first nude massage. still can't figure out the saying that i was told when growing up, "all guys have the same thing down there."

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Its funny i am 70 years now and i know i am small. In high school we had to swim naked and i do not remember any of the other boys sizes. I do not think i saw a hard on. I know if i had to be there now i would look at all the boys dicks and i would get a hard on. I would have pre cum dripping from my cock. I remember i was in a place people went to  be naked, i was talking to a couple, he had a big cock and she had big tits and a hairy bush. I was standing there naked with my small dick, i knew i didnt have a hard on. But when they turned away i looked down and i had pre cum hanging almost to the ground. They didnt react or say anything thing but how EMBARRASSING!

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I'm straight, and I look, don't mind admitting it either, it's natural to check out others, it's not often we see each other naked. I've had strings of precum quite a few times, not always from being consciously aroused either. Happened a few times when at naturist club after lying in sun, I'm sure a few people have seen it but it's never been mentioned, just be discrete about cleaning up!

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