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Penis Nomenclature

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I suppose it depends how old you are, and who you are talking to about it. As a child, I'll bet most of us had parents who used a child friendly name instead clinical names.

If I went to my doctor, I wouldn't be impressed if he said get your cock out for me to examine.

The "polite" term often used in the UK is willy, however American TV has continued to changed how we speak and I think most would say dick now.

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10 hours ago, Nillywilly said:

In Army boot camps of the 60’s “peckerwood” was a favorite of DI’s, especially Southern ones (and they mostly were from the South). “You peckerwoods better get a move on!”

I thought "peckerwood" was a disparaging term used by Black People against "Red Necks" or Whites in general, like Honkey.  I though "peckerwood" was a reference to redheaded Woody Woodpecker.

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So many words are used in hungary for the penis . Let me show you:

pöcs, hímvessző, hímtag, fütyülő, fütyi, kukac, bájdorong, hancúrléc, fallosz, lingam, kuki, fütykös, himbilimbi, pucu, pöcörő, puca, férfi nemiszerv, bögyörő, cerka, nemi végtag, nyeles aszpirin, bőrös virsli, szerszám, biga, örömrúd, férfiasság, tök, minibicska, pömpölő, dárda, hancúrvessző, pisilő, gyík...

And these are just some what cames to my mind :)


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