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Penis Nomenclature

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The thread about what your gf called your penis reminded me of when I was a boy what family members called it and some of them were odd.  My dad when I was a boy would tell me stop playing with your nooner lol.  i never could figure out why he called it that, when I was a teenager he called it a pecker.  My uncles called it a Peter, the traditional name back then.  Me and my friends called it Peter or Dick.  nobody called it a cock back then where I lived until the internet came around.  When I was a teenager a lot of the older men called a pussy a cock.

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Growing up I had a neighbor who was 2 years older than me. He would let me jack him off (he could cum, I still had dry orgasms). Then I started sucking him and he called his dick a Tootsie Roll Pop. We would be playing around the neighborhood and he would ask if I wanted a Tootsie Pop. We would go up in his tree house and I would suck him dry.



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From the all knowing internet

Nicknames for Penis from 13th-19th C.
1. Bollocks: this term has longevity; it first appeared around 1300AD and is still used by Brits today!
2. Pin: (1460)
3. Fiddle: (Middle Ages)
4. Spindle: (Middle Ages)
5. Pulling prick: (Middle Ages)
6. Plumtree shaker: (1611) usually ‘plum’ referred to female genitalia. Thus the thing that shakes the plum tree applies to the male counterpart
7. Knick-knack: (1686) in modern speech, this word refers to a useless or superfluous object; the 17th C. usage is not far off
8. Silent flute: (1720) a cylindrical object… hmmm, wonder how they came up with this one?
9. Doodle: (1785) Yankee Doodle? A patriotic nickname for the proud American penis
10. Dick: (1836) commonly heard and used as a derogatory term for a mean dude

1890s: A veritable Renaissance in penis nicknames
1. Abraham: Biblical patriarch, or “Father of many nations.”
2. Arse-opener
3. Arse-wedge
4. Athenaeum: denoting the Temple of Athena, or an institution which houses knowledge like a library or university
5. Baby-maker
6. Bayonet
7. Beak
8. Beard-splitter
9. Bedfellow
10. Belly-ruffian
11. Best leg of three
12. Billy-my-nag
13. Bludgeon
14. Bob-my-nag
15. Brat-getter
16. Bum-tickler
17. Bush-whacker
18. Butcher
19. Captain Standish
20. Child-getter
21. Chink-stopper
22. Concern
23. Cony-catcher
24. Copper-stick
25. Cracksman
26. Cranny hunter
27. Cream stick
28. Cuckoo
29. Customs officer
30. Cutlass: a type of short sword with a curved blade, used by sailors
31. Dard
32. Diddle
33. Dingus
34. Dolly
35. Dr. Johnson
36. Enemy
37. Eye-opener
38. Father confessor
39. Flapdoodle
40. Foreman
41. Fornicating engine
42. Fornicating member
43. Fornicating tool
44. Jacob
45. Lance of love
46. Langolee
47. Leather-dresser
48. Leather-stretcher
49. Life preserver
50. Little davy
51. Live rabbit
52. Lobster
53. Lodger
54. Love dart
55. Love staff
56. Lullaby
57. Manroot
58. Master of ceremonies
59. Meat skewer
60. Merrymaker
61. Milkman
62. Mole
63. Nebuchadnezzar: an ancient king of Babylonia
64. Nimrod
65. Nippy
66. Pee-wee
67. Quimstake
68. Skyscraper
69. St. Peter
70. Tentpeg
71. Tickle-faggot
72. Timothy tool

Penis Names from the 1900s
1. Ducey
2. Swelling
3. Sweetener
4. Redcap
5. Majesty
6. Charmer
7. Champion
8. Arm
9. Dodger
10. Ding-dong
11. Aleck
12. Whanger
13. Baby-fetcher
14. Axe
15. Nightstick
16. Joystick
17. Dingbat
18. Gospel-pipe
19. Drill
20. Dingle
21. Corporal
22. Hot member
23. Pencil
24. Wee-wee
25. Goober
26. Cob
27. Hot Dog
28. Banana
29. Soupbone
30. Okra
31. Family organ
32. Mule
33. Dornick
34. Ham-bone
35. Pee-pee
36. Patootie
37. Old boy
38. Crumb
39. Ambassador
40. Organ grinder
41. Whang
42. Tater
43. Putz
44. Bald-headed sailor
45. Weiner/Weeny
46. Toothpick
47. Tonsil Tickler
48. Roger
49. One-eyed rattlesnake
50. Skin flute

Literary/Classy Penis Nicknames
Perhaps you’d like some polite, literary terms for your penis. These are excellent for use in erotic literature, love letters or sexting between logophiles.
1. Cock: phonetically pleasing; falls nicely between the sexy rake and gallant gentleman
2. Length
3. Member
4. Prick
5. Rod
6. Pud
7. Jimmy
8. Knob
9. Lad (Ireland)
10. Langer (Ireland)
11. Love muscle
12. Manhood: the most polite term of them all
13. Membrum virile: Latin for ‘virile member’ for all those academics out there
14. Phallus
15. Shaft
16. Tadger (UK, Australia)
17. Yard

Raunchy/Funny Names for Penis
If the previous lists of nicknames for penis didn’t make you laugh, here are some funny penis nicknames that will. Or, they’ll just gross you out.
1. Womb broom
2. Womb Raider
3. Weapon of Ass Destruction
4. Vlad the Impaler
5. Uncle Reamus
6. Trouser Snake
7. Tan Banana
8. Sex Pistol
9. Russell the one-eyed muscle
10. One-eyed monster
11. One-eyed trouser trout
12. Rumpleforeskin
13. Richard and the twins
14. Purple helmeted warrior of love
15. Puff the one-eyed dragon
16. Prince Everhard of the Netherlands
17. Pleasure Pump
18. Moby Dick
19. Lord Hardwick
20. Long dong silver
21. Lap Rocket
22. Knobgoblin
23. King Dong
24. Justin-in beaver
25. Herman von longschlongenstein
26. Heat seeking moisture missile
27. Frank n’ beans
28. Fuck puppet
29. Excalibur
30. Energizer Bunny
31. Disco stick
32. The Dicktator
33. Cocktapus
34. Clam hammer
35. Cave hunter
36. The blue-veined aristocrat
37. Atomic turtle
38. Action Jackson
39. Mutton dagger
40. Yogurt slinger
41. Meat scepter
42. Wedding wrecker
43. Spam javelin
44. Tuna torpedo
45. Dora the explorer
46. Vagina miner
47. Jurassic Pork
48. Tiny Tim
49. The bone ranger
50. Woody Womb Pecker

International Slangs for Penis
Don’t like any of these English nicknames for penis? Try slang for ‘penis’ in another language! Words for penis around the world:
1. Piel: (Afrikaans)
2. Chin-Chin: (Japanese)
3. Lao Er: (Mandarin)
4. Lu: (Shanghainese)
5. Petter-Niklas: (Swedish)
6. Ptak a vejce: (Czech) bird and eggs
7. Skaufi: (Icelandic)
8. Zip: (Sudanese)
9. Spaetzle: (German) noodles
10. Pica: (Brazilian Portuguese)
11. Pinto: (Spanish) small penis
12. Mulkku: (Finnish)
13. Zayyin: (Hebrew) pronounced like ‘Zion,’ which leaves room for plenty of puns
14. Dhanda: (Hindi) stick
15. Boga: (Bengali)
16. Isin lulik: (Tetun/East Timor) magic or holy body
17. Bite: (French)
18. Chlen: (Russian) member
19. Cazzo: (Italian)
20. Uberaffengeil: (German) “super monkey horny.”
21. Quadibun: (Arabic)
22. Brocos: (Pidgin – Nigeria)


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I would never doubt Adrian's veracity, though I'm surprised by bollocks. To Brits today, if using bollocks as an anatomical name, it would refer to the testes.

Standalone it has many other uses, as for example 'it's the bollocks' meaning it is very good; 'its bollocks' meaning it is false or rubbish; 'Bollocks' a useful expletive; 'fuck it that's bolloxed' meaning it's broken. There are many other examples.

But as a penis synonym? Not heard of that, and would welcome a source ( with respect of course Adrian).

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@F. LaCid  Who knows the source, its just a list off the internet.  
I have heard bullocks as balls and bullshit but never good, of course we don't really speak English on this side of the pond.  Although BC'er are closer to proper English than the rest of canada and our merkan fiends.

fuck it that's knackered

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1 hour ago, canuck45 said:

@F. LaCid  
fuck it that's knackered 

Context of course. The knackerman was a farrier who dealt with old or injured horses, effectively a slaughterman, hence knackered for something that cannot be fixed. Yes, yer bollocks are yer knackers: don't ask me how, they just are.

Usage as good? We have a beer (real ale of course) here called 'The Dogs', this was originally put out as 'The Dog's Bollocks' with a pump clip featuring a Dalmation sat on a large bone, the dogs bollocks being a term of high approbation. Eventually the 'Bollocks' had to be removed so now some of us ask for the castrated beer. Similarly, another popular beer, Wells' 'Bombardier' is often called Yossarian, as he was the bombardier.

I maunder!

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12 hours ago, roadking55 said:

I didn't see "pee-pee" on the list, anyone else called it that? 

Yes pee-pee was very popular when  I was a young boy.   Wiener of course was popular too once it grew a little bit.

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@roadking55 Number 35 under the 1900's.  I missed it the first time too and it's what everyone said when  young or talking to youngsters
It is the organ or the act.  "You have to go pee-pee"  I mean who would say "Do you need to void your bladder of urine through the urethra and exiting from the meatus urethrae externus  of your penis?"

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Have we mentioned dingalinger yet?  My mom, dad and uncle that lived with us, would call it a dingalinger when referring to me sometimes.  I think my dad changed it to my nuner or nooner around puberty,  still don't know where that one came from.

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@canuck45 Wow!!! That is one long and funny list.  Never heard of a lot of those.  But I would probably know immediately what they were talking about if someone used any of the words. 

Growing up, my brother and I called our cousin's penises "lubbies", a play on the Norwegian word "lubben" which means chubby.  It was a good descriptor of their penises.  They called our penises "slankies", which was from the Norwegian word slank, meaning slender.  Again, a good descriptor for our penises.  Our father and uncle always referred to our penises as dingdongs, which always made us laugh.   

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Lubbie and Slankie....sounds like good names for characters in  Kids Book 

Lubbie woke up all excited.  Today Lubbie and his twin brother Slankie were going to visit the Zoo.  Slankie had seen a picture book about zoos and told Lubbie about some of the animals at zoos. Lubbie could hardly wait to see the different animals:  Oli phants,  Grillas, T-eye grrrs, Mun kees and other erotic aminals.
Slankie thought mun keeys must be good fishermen, cause he was told they were master baiters so must fish a lot.  


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  • 11 months later...

I called mine most times  My dick.  ("I like my dick.")  Or, he's got  a nice looking dick.  That works most times.

In my mind, the word "cock" is reserved for a big/huge penis (Did you see the cock on him?)

Jokingly refer to it as the One Eyed Monster (it's far from a monster). 

I have a buddy who calls his Mr Happy.

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Honestly, I think penis, dick, and cock are all so commonplace that I use them interchangeably; the nuance between them is really more subjective at this point. Other euphemisms like dong, wang, schlong, and the like may also have their connotations, but I find them to be more humorous than anything else, so I typically use those words when joking with my friends. I also prefer to use penis and other like nomenclature in professional capacities (such as having discussions in class).

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On 7/25/2019 at 1:41 PM, Allen43 said:

I’ve referred to my penis as my ‘thing’ from as far back as I can remember. I very well may have picked up that term from my mom. Sometimes I call it my ‘pee pee’ as well. Both are appropriate terms for one my size I think..lol.

My mother and my unhung father both used clinical terms exclusively, possibly because they had silent defensiveness around the issue.  I remember being surprised to hear open references to dicks and cocks in some other families.

Growing-up and especially when my puberty failed to emerge for several years, everyone else had a cock, dick, wang, meat, etc. while mine, if mentioned, was always a pee pee, weenie, or dickie or some such.  The regular guys often talked  with pride about "springing a boner", "getting a hard-on", "creaming," and "getting their nut."

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