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On 9/30/2014 at 2:08 AM, jackson2 said:

Any moments stand out as when you were trouserless and floppy?

I'm only 1 inch flaccid...on a GOOD day. I've never been 'floppy' LOL.

But back to the original question...I guess lots of moments stick out but the one that does the most was a morning at the gym when the hot water ran out. It was cold outside but I had to shower before work so in I went. Probably the worst shriveling in my life and I was completely retracted with just a little bit of foreskin visible on top of my very small balls which were pulled right up to my body even worse than usual. I was showering in the stall and when I stepped out there was a coworker of mine walking by. He took a long look at my crotch, made eye contact, and then tried to strike up an awkward conversation. I never saw him at that gym before that day. He probably thought that was my normal soft size! oh well...

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I am very small flaccid, as well as erect. Usually not much more than the small glans of my penis shows when I’m flaccid. Occasionally some of my shaft will show but not very much. When the shaft does show when my penis is flaccid it is usually in a very relaxed state. It actually might have some ‘hang’ to it but not very much. My penis looks ridiculously thin when in that condition. It is embarrassing for me to be seen either erect or flaccid but I guess flaccid is the most embarrassing. I guess.

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