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9 hours ago, CuriousNow said:

Well, no brothers-in-law to contend with.  As for my wife's parents, we've never seen each other naked and I suspect we never will. But, I'm fairly certain that I'm bigger (well, bigger than my mother-in-law's clitoris, I'm sure).

I can never un-see this post, alas.

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I was dating a girl a few years back who was a born and raised nudist.I wasn't made aware of this until a month or so into the relationship. The topic eventually came up and the question asked whether I'd like to join her and her family for a bbq and swim in the family pool...all nude of course.I was reluctant to begin with as I have a very small uncut penis.She managed to talk me around to it so off we went to her parents place.To be honest it was one of the best things I've ever done. Both her father and brother(22) were significantly larger than me but nothing was ever said.Her sisters boyfriend was a little closer to my size which definitely helped with confidence.What i took from the experience however is that nobody really cared if you were big,small,short,tall etc.What mattered most was everybody getting together to enjoy each other's company.I truly enjoyed the experience.

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