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Hair color: Head? Face? Pubic?

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Yesterday, as Mary was shaving my balls she commented that my pubic hair had almost no grey hair at all and the hair on my head is 90% grey and white.

Hence, I am curious about other members here.

Age:  74

Hair on head:  90% grey and white, 10% black

Hair on face:  100% grey and white

Pubic hair:  95% dark brown, 5% grey

By the way Mary's head hair is medium brown as well as her pussy, she is 65.

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Age:  69 (the perfect number)

Hair on head:  Almost all gray.  Funny thing, with COVID, I have not been to get my hair cut since last February (I've been trimming it myself) and more and more blonde is showing up.

Hair on face:  white and gray

Body hair:  I have never had any chest or stomach hair

Arms and Legs:  blonde

Pubic hair:  shaved now, but was blonde to light brown, becoming gray

Ass hair:  I think both of them are blonde

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Age: 41

Hair on head:  light/medium brown and starting to go bald

Hair on face:  light brown with a little blonde around my mouth

Body hair:  medium brown, very hairy on chest and stomach, have some back hair and hair on my ass as well

Pubic hair:   dark brown, keep a pretty full bush most of the time but trim occasionally

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Hair on head:  Dark brown/black

Hair on face: Dark brown/black 

Hair on chest/stomach, legs/calves: Dark brown/black

Pubic hair and balls:  Dark brown/black

Back & shoulders: None

Ass: Dark brown/black


I say "Dark brown/black" because, at first glance, it looks almost black, but when you look closer it's a very dark brown, or black with dark brown highlights. 

My wife monitors my weight and hair color. If I gain an ounce of weight or show a touch of gray, she'll dump me for a newer, slimmer, younger model. No doubt she'll upgrade to the XXL model while she's at it. 

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