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What's your age and your size?

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Age:  68 Flaccid length:  5" to 5.5" (plus my foreskin noodle) Flaccid girth:  2.75" Erect length:  6.5" Erect girth:  3.35"  Uncut I grew up in a time of mandatory open

Will be 80 y/o in a month Usually 4" flaccid 7" erect Until recently I always said 5.5" girth Saw something here that made me take 3 measurements Erect at base 5.75     mid sh

@Vinnig Mine grows when I shave it.

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Age: 67

W: 215#, H: 6’

1.0~1.5” (length flaccid)

4.5~5.0” (length erect)

2.5~3.0” (circumference flaccid)

These measurements refer to a time when I could get an erection. I’ve had ED for almost 10 years and have been totally impotent for ~5 years. Some ‘shrinkage’ is likely inevitable during that time.

I may be slow to respond at times. Computers and I are not always compatible.


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Age: 71 (on Feb 12th)                                                                                                                     Size: 5 and one half inches                                                                                                            Girth: 5 and one quarter inches                                                                                                  Uncut with phimosis, does not hinder performance.        

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1 hour ago, Jsmall9857 said:

21 yrs old

Flaccid.  1.0

Erect 2.25

Jsmall9857 - You're at a great an age to really start appreciating your unique and rarer body. Show it off with pride. Be selective in your sexual partners and if you come across ones who don't value you for what you are let them go their way. There are lots of women who prefer small penises or don't care about penis size. Just like there are lots of guys who prefer women with small breasts (like myself). I found I had to search hard to find women with small breasts because so many women want to be like everyone else and have large breasts. What a shame!

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9 hours ago, RodEnuf said:

If you haven't already seen an endocrinologist, you should do so.

RodEnuf - That assumes that his mind has been poisoned into thinking 'bigger is better'. He may prefer (as I did) having a small penis. Just because a woman has small breasts doesn't mean she should get breast enlargement. Just as there are advantages in certain cases to having a large penis there are also advantages to a small penis in certain cases. I think having a small penis made me a better lover.

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@NuderThanNude  This has nothing to do with the notion that bigger is better.  If I thought it likely that @Jsmall9857 has reached the size dictated by his genetics, I would have given advice similar to yours.  But statistically it is more likely, at his age and size, that something is medically wrong with one of his glandular systems.  He has the medical condition known as micro-penis.  That should be checked out, if for no other reason, because it can cause significant difficulty impregnating a woman.

If anyone doubts the benefit of a young man with micro-penis seeking a medical review of his condition by an endocrinologist, I suggest reading the long topic New member seeking advice and support started by @Glenn back in August, 2002.  He was persuaded to seek a medical evaluation.  The posts in that topic continue for 15 pages to April, 2003, after Glenn was a few months into hormone replacement therapy.

Alan G

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