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Poll: Favorite Underwear

Preferred Underwear  

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  1. 1. My favorite underwear is (if you like a variety, chose a fav)

    • Briefs
    • Boxers
    • Boxer Briefs
    • Thong/Jock
    • No Underwear

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Except for a few years where I wore boxer briefs, I have always worn briefs. My current favorites are Jockey Life low rise briefs. I like that they are smooth in front and don't have a 'fly' in the front. I bet I could easily count on one hand the times I have used the front fly. Some briefs let my balls fall out and these don't. They will probably be discontinued soon, since every time I find some I like they stop making them.

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On 4/12/2020 at 3:52 PM, CuriousNow said:

In the mean time - has anyone tried Separatec briefs/boxer briefs, or any other of their options?

Seperatec is the only brand I buy now. Boxer briefs or just briefs. Indi recommend one size smaller than it gives you on the size chart. With being micro the smaller size helps hold everything in place better. My balls do sometime slip through the hope for the penis but that's because it doesn't fit through all the time.

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4 hours ago, Mixer1537 said:

Seperatec is the only brand I buy now... Indi recommend one size smaller than it gives you on the size chart

Thanks for the feedback.  I was intrigued when I heard and then read about them.  The reviews on their site are mostly very positive (as, admittedly, are more reviews on manufacturers' sites).  I know what I want to buy but they only have them in XL.  Per my size and the recommendation that you echoed (about getting a size smaller), I want to try the Mediums.  With their guarantee, how could you go wrong trying them?

We shall see....

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I have tried all styles of male underwear and dislike all of them. I don't like the fabrics they are made of, the limited range of styles and colors and the fact that most are designed with pouches. My balls are almost always tight and my penis shrinks and retracts to nothing when I am flaccid so I really don't need a pouch.

Therefore I started exploring female underwear. I found that I liked thongs because they have minimal fabric but still covered and held my genitals in place. It does takes a little trial and error in finding ones that work for men. I found that in most cases they need to have elastic around the openings (to keep the balls in place) and a since there is no pouch a stretchy fabric to form around the small genitals. I don't believe guys with a large penis would be able to fit in women's underwear so that is a plus to being small. If you are looking for ones that may fit a guy, I have been surprised to see the number of male reviews of female underwear on various sites. Seems a lot of guys prefer the advantages that female underwear offers.

I have been wearing female thongs exclusively for several years now and find them the most comfortable. I love all of the fabrics, styles and colors that are available. No more boring men's underwear for me.

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