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That has also happened to me a few times. I edge for awhile, go flaccid....and then for some reason a fair amount of semen will ooze out of my flaccid penis. It surprises me because it doesn’t really feel like I’m actually ejaculating at all. No pulses or contractions, just my semen coming out. When that happens I usually scoop up as much of my semen as quickly as I can with my fingers and eat it. I then immediately start masturbating again. After I become erect again I start squirting what semen I have left almost immediately. I have never produced a lot of semen though.  

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That has happened a few times for me as well. As I have gotten older and with the meds I am on, it takes more stimulation to get hard. If I am particularly horny, I have masturbated and cum before getting fully hard. I can't say they were better or worse, just different without an erection.

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1 hour ago, 6INCHES66 said:

...That being said yes I have cum when not fully erect. Feels about the same.  Usually happens when I have been edging for quite sometime...

I think the difference I notice is the urethra isn't erect and open up fully to allow semen to exit easily so there is a different feel to the semen being expelled. Also my sensations are different as I believe the swelling from an erection forces the nerve endings closer to the surface and increases sensitivity. I also get a different feeling from deep m inside my body. For me it's just a totally different orgasm and one worth experiencing.

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6 hours ago, 6INCHES66 said:

Yes as we all know you do not have to have be fully erect to ejaculate. That being said yes I have cum when not fully erect. Feels about the same.  Usually happens when I have been edging for quite sometime. Going a bit to far and have a small amount of semen leak out of my cock. 

It's not not fully erect. It's fully flaccid. 

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At 72, my dick stays mostly limp.  Huge size change, was always just over 6 inches when hard.

Now, the best I can get is 3.5, maybe 4 inches.

The only way I can cum these days is by rubbing the head and the frenulum. That takes about 2 minutes and it oozes out.

That the way I clean out my prostate, do it about once a week.

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  • RodEnuf changed the title to I can cum without an erection

Yes I have already cummed when semi hard, a lot of times. 

Like you said, watching porn, a bit bored, and you just mechanically ejaculate without being so much aroused. 

Now, I consume far less porn, and I continue cumming with a semi hard cock because I like having the sensation of having a small hard cock. So I stroke very fastly my cock, from a very small flaccid state, and in 30 seconds, I can ejaculate, with the cock still flaccid, but not as small as initially. It has the size of my palm. 

Having this view of me stroking my small hard cock is very exciting, maybe more than stroking my fully hard cock!

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On 11/1/2020 at 2:58 AM, NuderThanNude said:

I really like the feel of cumming when I am flaccid. It happens once in a while naturally but I would like to be able to do it at will so I have been practicing trying to do it more often. If I get hard I wait a couple minutes till I get flaccid then I continue masturbating.

I feel the same way about it, and while I haven't gone so far as to purposefully practice achieving it, it's definitely buttressed my desire to wait to jerk off until I have several hours free to do so. It's such a difficult experience to articulate, too! Its naturally a combination of several elements, not the least of which is novelty (spend three decades doing anything and it's a lock that you'll be over the moon to discover something new about it :lol:), as well as the "underdog factor" of "coaching" my little buddy cross the finish line despite looking like he's boxing at least three weight classes above his stature.

There's one other aspect though that I think tops both of those: the absence of muscle tension in my body when it happens, which is truly a glorious feeling. I had never really considered how taxing it can be on the body to achieve the necessary tightness for a standard orgasm, not just in the pelvic region but all the way from furrowed brow to flexed toes. By contrast, cumming when genuinely flaccid is far more Zen. I'm typically at least a little surprised, if not completely shocked, to feel it begin, as though my cock was the one who decided the time to cum had arrived instead of me. Also, the internal contractions that bring forth my bounty do so more like the swells of a stormy ocean, using the extra time to gather up bigger puddles within me and rolling them out of me rather than the usual squeezes that feel more akin to what you see on an EKG, flinging out only what can be supplied in the single tick of the second hand that separates them. Sure, it's not quite as intense, but damn if it's not more deeply satisfying too,...even peaceful. I'm an atheist, but if I weren't, I think it's how I would expect a person of surreal tranquility like a Jesus or Buddha to orgasm: with a happy sigh and soft smile as opposed to the usual grunts and clenched jaw.

Sheesh, sorry for waxing so rhapsodic on it, out of the blue. I hadn't intended to add more than a couple sentences when I clicked reply, let alone compose the Ode to Flaccid Ejaculation that it appears I just did. I hope it at least leaves you with no doubt that you're not alone in appreciating it, something I often fear myself while I revel in it. Must be a spiritual sort of evening, since I think I'll sign off this post with the enduring words of Graham Greene... ^_^

A small soft cock erupting with cum is both appalling and strange, but also so much more...

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On 11/1/2020 at 5:43 AM, pokerpro831 said:

So this has happened a couple times. Bored. Turn on porn. Not really planning to jerk off. I'm watching and start jerking. Just a little. Get hard. Go soft. Still playing a bit. And then I cum. 

Anyone else?

A couple times trying to insert in a vagina, I would unaccountably start to go soft and ejaculate cum with no pleasurable spasms or feelings.  Pretty embarrassing.  Glad it only happened a few times.  No idea why.

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