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Would you wear this out without underwear?

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23 hours ago, JamesD said:

No.  I have some with smaller mesh, but always wear underwear.

Years ago, I experimented with such shorts and confirmed that in certain light, even with the narrow mesh, you can see right through them.

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@SmallD1ck1985 I would definitely live to wear it when I go out in the streets !

With my brown cock, maybe it is less noticeable ! But feeling the air through the mesh would be very nice !

However, if you suddenly have a hardon because you are excited you can't hide it :lol:

I like wearing my thin shorts without underwear. When I walk you can notice my cock swinging, I love this sensation.

But because of the seams in the center of the short, you cannot see the cockhead line unless my cock is a little hard (as it goes to the left) :P

Even when I wear an underwear, my cock is noticeable through my short, I like when women look at it ;)


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So I wore these out for a few days on my morning walk around the local common and got quite a few smiles and hellos from people out walking. I think these a probably too see through to wear out anywhere else.  Although no one actually said anything to me about them!

I have been enjoying wearing these round the house while the missus has friends over. Once they spot i don't have underwear on they can't stop looking to see where the rest of my dick is.  They are sadly disappointed when they realise how small it is :D

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Saw the first pic - thought, "Absolutely I'd wear those with no underwear.  I wear shorter ones than those all the time with nothing underneath.  But then I saw the second pic.


Uh, no, I would not wear those out in public unless I had underwear on - black underwear!  I say this if for no other reason than if I became erect, there would be nothing to "steer" it into "socially acceptable" position.  I went "commando" regularly as a teen.  My erection often poked out above the waistband of my jeans (I had a shirt to cover it). But my erections don't point up almost parallel to my body any more. They're now out at about 45° so in shorts like those pictured, it would be very noticeable.

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I went cycling this weekend and stopped to see a friend I hadn't seen for a while. She said I'd lost some weight, so I lifted my shirt to show her my slightly reduced belly... and she said those shorts don't leave much to the imagination, I can see your penis. So she took a pic and sent it to me. We've been to nude beaches together so she knows what it looks like!


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