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Do you use the slot in your underwear?

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I got rid of all those issues, fly,no fly, over the top, thru the leg, and went commando, just carry tissue for the post drip.

I pretty much always use the slot, when I have to stand to pee that is. I ALWAYS sit if I have the opportunity to do so. I wear fairly tight boxer briefs. It’s trouble enough having to pull my little

I agree that is is a beautiful topic.

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To me it's way easier to use the underwear fly when I pee. I don't like pulling  the underwear down 'cause I need to use both hands (I mostly use both hands) but I find that the elastic either below my balls or bellow my penis sometimes restricts my peeing. And sometimes, if not careful, I send the stream the wrong way!! That's because I don't unbutton the waist of my trousers, I think (too much work). I mostly wear boxer briefs and always try to get the ones with a fly.

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It really depends.  If I'm wearing joggers and the pants need to go down, the undergarment goes down too.


If I'm wearing khakis I leave the buttoned and undo the zipper, but still usually go over the top of the boxerbriefs.  I have a few pair of khakis that fit lower on my waist, with those I use the fly / slot. 


I haven't freeballed in years!  

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I have always sat down to pee. At 1st my wife thought it was feminine of me to do that but then she became thankful as I didn't pee on the toilet seat. If I have to stand I just pee over the top. 

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Growing up wearing tighty whities I didn't even think of taking the time to reach into the fly and pull my cock through it.  Always waiting til the last possible moment before taking a leak, I am sure I would have peed down my leg every time if I tried that maneuver.  It was just so much easier pulling the front of my undies down and grabbing ahold of myself.  Besides, it gave me more to look at.  LOL

Now, I wear very skimpy underwear that doesn't even have a fly.  So only one way to do it.  

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